Hanger bolts ETASOL® for fixing solar and photovoltaic panels on roofing

Hanger bolts for photovoltaic installations on wooden substructures

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The stainless steel hanger bolts are used to be fixed on wooden substructures in order to maintain the photovoltaic panels on the roof. By example you can use our ETASOL® hanger bolts for fixing the photovoltaic panels on Eternit corrugated sheets.

Our stainless steel hanger bolts are made of stainless steel A2 (AISI 304).

The STSM ETASOL® hanger bolts are in package including:
hanger bolt, EPDM-sealing washer and 3 flange nuts with serration.
We can also offer you the connectors included.

We deliver you the hanger bolts in diameter 10 and 12 mm from 200 until 400 mm within 72 hours. All components like EPDM-sealing washers and flange nuts with serration are on stock.

For further information:
ETASOL® hanger bolts in stainless steel for fixing photovoltaic panels


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